Initial Site Meeting

Once you have contacted us, we will arrange a time to visit you to discuss your project. People are at different stages at this point; you might already have had drawings done, planning and building regulations approved, and have a detailed specification of works. These documents would have normally been prepared by an Architect. If this is the case then we would gather all the documents, have a site inspection, and look at site conditions that may influence the works.

If on first meeting all you have is an idea in your head about what you want, this is also fine. We will discuss what you are thinking, and give input and advice on the design and the best way to proceed. There are a few different routes through planning and building control, and we can advise the best route for your project. We also have some architects we work with regularly and can put you in touch. We’ll continue to meet with you until we’re at a stage where we can start pricing.

Pricing the Works

Once we have all the information and have discussed all relevant points with you we will price the works to an agreed timescale.

All our quotations are broken down into sections of works and detailed so you can understand how the budget is allocated. At this stage, it’s useful for us to meet and run through the detailing of the pricing so that everything is clear.

Once the quotation is accepted, contracts and schedules are drawn up and a start date for the works is agreed. Then we are off!

At any time through the process you are more than welcome to contact some of our past customers and look over our previous works. Look at our testimonial page for some customer comments.


The process with our joinery section is much the same as the construction, but the size of the works varies a lot. We may be making one small cabinet for you, or we may be making new windows for your entire house.

Some elements of joinery do require the involvement of planning and building control (for example conservatories, new windows in new apertures). We can advise on this by project.

We would visit you to discuss your requirements, offering design advice and ideas. We can bring samples of materials and previous works to help you consider different options.

Once all this is complete we would go away and provide you with a quotation for the works. Every quotation is broken down into sections and detailed so that you can see where your budget is allocated. Once the quotation is accepted we will book in the works and agree timescales.

You are always more than welcome to visit our workshop to see how things are done.

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